Why Be An Entrepreneur?


1) Time is moving extremely fast and kids grow up quickly.
2) Unemployment & layoffs continue.
3) Build or supplement retirement savings.
4) Work on a Plan B or C part time while keeping your day job.
5) Control the hours that you want to work.
6) Make your interest in the beauty industry generate extra or full-time income
with Motives Cosmetics, the #1 makeup brand in social media.
7) You do not have to be a makeup artist to be successful. Motives’ beautiful colors
and exceptional quality sells itself.
7) Offer your customers a unique product unavailable in stores with customized
foundations and powders.
7) Direct customers to your own professional website.
8) Excellent and Professional business building training is available.
9) The beauty business offers a unique opportunity to help others feel better
about themselves and boost your own sense of accomplishment simultaneously.
10) Provide more resources and time for your kids and family.

No experience is required, but you must be coachable!
For more information about Motives Cosmetics or becoming a consultant,
check out my site at: http://www.motivescosmetics.com/vfs and email me at:

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