Thick Pencil vs Thin Pencil

There really is no contest! Thick or thin, eye pencils are the ultimate convenience. Easy to carry, easy to mix and affordable in all price ranges. They are the perfect items to have in your daily makeup bag or for travel. They are a quick way to get your eye makeup on as they blend well using a finger or brush.
However, some can be difficult to sharpen or it may be hard to find the right size sharpener. But, no fear! Many eye pencils now come in “Twist-up” mechanical versions that eliminate the need to sharpen.
Depending on your skin type and the pigment’s formula, you may find pencil shadows/liners stay on better with a little translucent powder underneath. Experiment to find which formulas work best for you.
The thinner pencils are great for lining close to the lash line or making a defined crease. Depending on the color, some thin pencils are perfect for filling in brows, especially if they have a slight shimmer.
Stock up on the endless varieties of pencils.  Experiment, and have fun!


Some of my favorite thick and thin pencils are:



Beauty Tip Of The Day: Super Intensify and add staying power to your pencil eye design by layering with similar or matching powder shadows.

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Think Pink

One of the biggest trends this Spring/Summer ’15 is a look back to the 70’s.
Bold, bright clothing and makeup ruled the day. Innovative design in
makeup and hair was common and fun. Retro psychedelic patterns and
colors are hot again and one way to indulge and enjoy the trend is of
course through makeup. Contouring the face, bright blush, lips, and
eye makeup worn together are back! Let’s take a look at some of the
sizzling pinks available:


Moisture Rich Formula Lipstick: Fabulous                                   15.75
Moisture Rich: Pink Rose, Lolita Pink                                             14.95
Motives for La La Mineral Lipstick: Beso, Times Square         17.50
Motives Mineral Lipstick:  Pink Berry                                              17.50

Enjoy these amazing colors!

Beauty Tip of The Day: After applying a dark or intense lip color, use
a small brush to outline the mouth with foundation. This creates a
clean, sharp line and keeps your lipstick in place.


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Sustainable Wipes

I think most of us love the convenience of facial cleansing wipes. They’re easy to pack for travel, a daily refresh at work, or for those late nights when you’re just too tired to make it to the sink. However, I started to wonder about the environmental impact of another “disposable” cosmetic item. I decided to investigate and share a few of my favorite biodegradable wipes. When I try new products I test them for a few days on my inner wrist or neck to make sure there’s no allergic reaction. You may want to do the same. For me, these brands passed with flying colors!

Pacifica Coco Pure wipes are infused with coconut water and have a heavenly fragrance. Great for foundation removal. or Target stores                                                                                                                 $6.00- $7.99

Alba Botanica are also Vegan, Organic, and include a Toner (Aloe & Awapuhi). The name is quite fitting as the fragrance will transport you to Hawaii asap. Available at many retailers including & Organic Basic Food Markets.                                                                     About $5.50-$6.00


Everyone Face For Every Day is a great alcohol, oil, and fragrance free wipe. But I think these have a fresh, clean fragrance.
Organic Basic Food Market   $6.29

Treat yourself to a little luxury. These Juicy Bamboo wipes are infused with honey, vitamins and essential oils. or    
About $15.00                                           

Beauty Tip of The Day: If your wipes dry out towards the end of the package, rehydrate with a cleansing water.

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Spring/Summer Florals

Florals are everywhere this season. Fresh blooms are blossoming on shoes, bags, jewelry, and of course clothing. Perfect opportunity to create a few new eye designs! It’s impossible not to be inspired by all the wonderful bright color combinations. I recently went fabric shopping and was inspired by some of the beautiful florals. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color!

Browbone: KIKO Infinity Shadow – #204
Crease: Motives – After Party powder shadow
Lid: Motives Powder Shadow – Oasis
Lid Corner: Motives – Moonlight
Liner: Maybelline – Master Smoky: Emerald Fury
Mascara: Motives for La La – Mineral Mascara: Black

Browbone & Inner Corner: Motives powder shadow- Antique Gold
Lid and Outer Corner: Black Opal Eyeshadow Duo – Brazen Flame
Upper Liner: Motives Gel Liner – Little Black Dress
Lower Liner: Motives Mineral Khol Liner – Electric Blue
Mascara: Motives for La La Mineral Mascara- Black

Lid/Lower Lid/Crease: NYX Shadow – #06 Purple/Deep Purple/Prune
Lid Corner: Motives Powder Shadow – Obsession
Browbone: Motives Powder Shadow – Heatwave
Lower Corner: Motives Mineral Eye Pencil – Electric Blue
Top Liner: Motives Gel Liner – Little Black Dress
Mascara: Motives For La La Mineral Mascara – Black

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Havana Social

OK, one of these days (we don’t quite know yet with all this snow!), Spring/Summer ’15 will be here.  Will you be ready?  Check out the breathtaking new colors from our new Motives “Havana Social” campaign. OMG! I’m just in makeup color heaven right now!

Havana Colors

To view the entire Havana Collection, go to: and receive 10% off your order now through 05/31/15. See you in Havana!!!

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Double Duty

We all love products that perform Double and/or Triple Duty. Less clutter, less weight in the bag, less to worry about. Busy women and moms don’t have time for that! While running out the door, who has time for a complicated routine? Some of my favorite grab & go products are:

#1Motives Chocolight eyeshadow single is a definite staple to aways have on hand. 

#2One Quad fixes 4 problems: Foundation, eye concealer, blemish concealer, contour.

#3Diva-ish (my new word) color line! 

#4I hope Motives never discontinues this product. The texture is amazing.

#5This is Dark Brown, but comes in Black also!

Hey Divas, what are your great beauty double-duty products? Share with us!


KiKo: Select Shopping Malls
NYX: Beauty Supply Stores
           for cashback option


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The Brownie

12-Use a large fluffy brush to apply and all-over light tone.
-Medium color for the crease.
-Apply darkest brown from lash line to crease. Blend well into the crease
-Blend black liner into into the shadow. Apply mascara.


7bTransition into a bolder look by adding Motives “Gold Rush” at inner corner,
1/2 the lower lid and browbone.

5Add glitter for a more festive look and darken the outer corners with black

Motives products can be found at: or
Pixi products can be found at, Target, or


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