Beauty Smoothies

We all know part of beauty is about maintaining great health.
Smoothies are a quick and terrific way to boost your intake of
vitamins and nutrients. Having several throughout the day also
helps curb appetite and makes the skin glow. Smoothies have also
been a lifesaver for getting nutrition into a picky kid who doesn’t
like to eat her veggies!
One of my favorite “greens” to use is kale because it has a mild
flavor, doesn’t overpower other ingredients in the smoothie, and is
undetectable to kids (If you had berries, the green color is hidden).
I’ve included two of my favorites that really work for my family.
Keeping a stock of fresh and frozen fruits makes it convenient to
stay on top of making your smoothies and you don’t have to make
them everyday. Sometimes I freeze mine for up to 2 days or make
ice cubes out of the mixtures to also throw in the blender.

What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes? Which ones do
your kids love?


*Kale Kubes are my veggie ice cubes that I make to use up and not waste
my greens. I make a medium liquid mixture of Kale, Banana, and Almond
milk and freeze in ice trays. 


For the Groovy Green Smoothie, I find that rice milk can make the drink a
little too thin, so I’ll use almond or soy.  The Vitamin C Powder I use is the
Isotonix brand.


You know the fragrance strips that are always in fashion and beauty magazines? Do you test the fragrances? Ignore them? Throw them away? I like to tear them out, use a fancy scissor (zig-zag or scallop edge) to clean up the edge, and make them into bookmarks. Whenever you open your book, you’ll get a nice burst of fragrance! If you’re feeling especially “artsy”, you can punch a hole at the top of your strip and insert a lightweight ribbon to make it fancier.
Or if you’re not into books, you can place the fragrance strips in your lingerie drawer.



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