70’s Beauty Icons

Have you seen the Fall/Winter fashion magazines this season? The 70’s theme is absolutely everywhere in bold colors, prints, fabrics, and makeup! The burst of color and revival of innovative 70’s designs are sure to get us through
the cold, wintery mix ahead in style.

Who are your 70’s beauty icons?
I just adore Pam Grier and Cher! Lots of lashes, lots of black liner
and glossy lips ruled this decade!

(Pam & Cher photo source: magweb.com)


Fringe is back with lots of color, suede, and leather.


Retro tile prints, bell sleeves, minis, and color, color, color!


Color blocking, chunky heels, platforms, and lots of suede.

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When I go to Canada, one of my favorite things to do (of course!) is to find
the latest beauty products that haven’t hit the States yet or products that
are exclusive to Canada. Check out some of my latest “Beauty Booty” items!





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Halloween is fast approaching. Check out the latest deals on costumes!
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Beauty Tip Of The Day: Fall allergies leave your eyes a little puffy? In the morning before you run out of the house, it may help to apply an allergy
eye drop to each eye and cover with a cold compress for a few minutes. 

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