What is Motives?

The Motives beauty brand is teaming with talented men and women who are dedicated, hard working consultants. Some are part time or full time makeup artists, but you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy sharing your love of cosmetics with others. Earn an extra or full time income while helping others look amazing and feel more confident. What is Motives really all about? As they say, sometimes a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words!

I like to keep up with the amazingly talented consultants and artists too.
A few of my favorite Motives artists are: Aurora Glez, Hello Fritzie, and
many of the super beautiful Indian artists.

In addition to my usual beauty tip of the day, I will now be adding a
beauty deal of the day as the Motives brand is also a part of SHOP.COM.
There are so many cash back deals available. Gotta share the love!

Beauty Tip Of The Day: Lots of eyeshadow may mean lots of smudges
under the eyes. If this is a consistent problem for you, apply all of your
eye makeup first, then use a facial wipe to clean up under the eyes. Pat
dry, then apply the rest of your makeup.

Beauty Deal Of The Day (Click to get ULTA Beauty Store coupon)



About ArtsyMM

Mom, Licensed Cosmetologist, Motives Cosmetics Consultant, Fashion Industry Professional, Artist
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