Think Pink

One of the biggest trends this Spring/Summer ’15 is a look back to the 70’s.
Bold, bright clothing and makeup ruled the day. Innovative design in
makeup and hair was common and fun. Retro psychedelic patterns and
colors are hot again and one way to indulge and enjoy the trend is of
course through makeup. Contouring the face, bright blush, lips, and
eye makeup worn together are back! Let’s take a look at some of the
sizzling pinks available:


Moisture Rich Formula Lipstick: Fabulous                                   15.75
Moisture Rich: Pink Rose, Lolita Pink                                             14.95
Motives for La La Mineral Lipstick: Beso, Times Square         17.50
Motives Mineral Lipstick:  Pink Berry                                              17.50

Enjoy these amazing colors!

Beauty Tip of The Day: After applying a dark or intense lip color, use
a small brush to outline the mouth with foundation. This creates a
clean, sharp line and keeps your lipstick in place.


About ArtsyMM

Mom, Licensed Cosmetologist, Motives Cosmetics Consultant, Fashion Industry Professional, Artist
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