Sustainable Wipes

I think most of us love the convenience of facial cleansing wipes. They’re easy to pack for travel, a daily refresh at work, or for those late nights when you’re just too tired to make it to the sink. However, I started to wonder about the environmental impact of another “disposable” cosmetic item. I decided to investigate and share a few of my favorite biodegradable wipes. When I try new products I test them for a few days on my inner wrist or neck to make sure there’s no allergic reaction. You may want to do the same. For me, these brands passed with flying colors!

Pacifica Coco Pure wipes are infused with coconut water and have a heavenly fragrance. Great for foundation removal. or Target stores                                                                                                                 $6.00- $7.99

Alba Botanica are also Vegan, Organic, and include a Toner (Aloe & Awapuhi). The name is quite fitting as the fragrance will transport you to Hawaii asap. Available at many retailers including & Organic Basic Food Markets.                                                                     About $5.50-$6.00


Everyone Face For Every Day is a great alcohol, oil, and fragrance free wipe. But I think these have a fresh, clean fragrance.
Organic Basic Food Market   $6.29

Treat yourself to a little luxury. These Juicy Bamboo wipes are infused with honey, vitamins and essential oils. or    
About $15.00                                           

Beauty Tip of The Day: If your wipes dry out towards the end of the package, rehydrate with a cleansing water.

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Mom, Licensed Cosmetologist, Motives Cosmetics Consultant, Fashion Industry Professional, Artist
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