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Some lucky travelers have the entire week between Christmas and New Years off!! Since Christmas is on a Friday this year, many will be traveling only for the weekend. I found some cute weekend bags that are available for Cashback options:

TravelBagsB                        (All bags and prices will pop up when you click on the image box)


Another favorite item are these Land’s End Travel Cubes. They’re wonderful for quick, organized packing and make an excellent gift as they can be monogrammed with your loved one’s name or initials.

Happy traveling and Happy Holidays!


As we all know, flying can be drying for the skin. Drink plenty of coconut water before and after your flight. Use Evian or a small spray bottle with coconut water to spritz face for extra moisture.



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The Steam Facial










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Beauty Smoothies

We all know part of beauty is about maintaining great health.
Smoothies are a quick and terrific way to boost your intake of
vitamins and nutrients. Having several throughout the day also
helps curb appetite and makes the skin glow. Smoothies have also
been a lifesaver for getting nutrition into a picky kid who doesn’t
like to eat her veggies!
One of my favorite “greens” to use is kale because it has a mild
flavor, doesn’t overpower other ingredients in the smoothie, and is
undetectable to kids (If you had berries, the green color is hidden).
I’ve included two of my favorites that really work for my family.
Keeping a stock of fresh and frozen fruits makes it convenient to
stay on top of making your smoothies and you don’t have to make
them everyday. Sometimes I freeze mine for up to 2 days or make
ice cubes out of the mixtures to also throw in the blender.

What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes? Which ones do
your kids love?


*Kale Kubes are my veggie ice cubes that I make to use up and not waste
my greens. I make a medium liquid mixture of Kale, Banana, and Almond
milk and freeze in ice trays. 


For the Groovy Green Smoothie, I find that rice milk can make the drink a
little too thin, so I’ll use almond or soy.  The Vitamin C Powder I use is the
Isotonix brand.


You know the fragrance strips that are always in fashion and beauty magazines? Do you test the fragrances? Ignore them? Throw them away? I like to tear them out, use a fancy scissor (zig-zag or scallop edge) to clean up the edge, and make them into bookmarks. Whenever you open your book, you’ll get a nice burst of fragrance! If you’re feeling especially “artsy”, you can punch a hole at the top of your strip and insert a lightweight ribbon to make it fancier.
Or if you’re not into books, you can place the fragrance strips in your lingerie drawer.



KERASTASE now has 20% off of “Last Chance” haircare and styling items until 11/30/15.
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70’s Beauty Icons

Have you seen the Fall/Winter fashion magazines this season? The 70’s theme is absolutely everywhere in bold colors, prints, fabrics, and makeup! The burst of color and revival of innovative 70’s designs are sure to get us through
the cold, wintery mix ahead in style.

Who are your 70’s beauty icons?
I just adore Pam Grier and Cher! Lots of lashes, lots of black liner
and glossy lips ruled this decade!

(Pam & Cher photo source:


Fringe is back with lots of color, suede, and leather.


Retro tile prints, bell sleeves, minis, and color, color, color!


Color blocking, chunky heels, platforms, and lots of suede.

(If you are interested in any of these fashion favs and want to purchase with additional savings, click on the box for more information and where to buy.
Some items also have in-store pick-up)

When I go to Canada, one of my favorite things to do (of course!) is to find
the latest beauty products that haven’t hit the States yet or products that
are exclusive to Canada. Check out some of my latest “Beauty Booty” items!





Click on the box to view/print the coupon!



Halloween is fast approaching. Check out the latest deals on costumes!
Click on the banner for extra savings.


Beauty Tip Of The Day: Fall allergies leave your eyes a little puffy? In the morning before you run out of the house, it may help to apply an allergy
eye drop to each eye and cover with a cold compress for a few minutes. 

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Fall/Winter Trending







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Nina Colors

Did anyone check out the new Netflix documentary, “What Happened, Miss Simone”? The documentary chronicles the life and music of the incomparable Nina Simone. I don’t want to give too much away by talking about the film, but it was really interesting to see some of her background that I didn’t know much about. Seeing her style and stage shows got me thinking about how I would have styled Miss Simone and some of the makeup colors she may have liked to show her personal style. Check out the documentary and let me know what you think.

Visit – for a trailer of the Netflix documentary.

Nina Simone is my inspiration for these Motives colors:

The Motives brand trains all consultants to make Custom Blend Formula Foundation for all skintones and types. So I would have made a custom foundation for Miss Simone or suggested one of these:




Beauty Tip Of The Day: When using concentrated darker colors on lips, even the skintone with your foundation and lightly powder. To avoid staining nails,
sure to use a base coat. To help lighten nails already stained, soak in 2 parts lemon juice to 3 parts lukewarm water.

Beauty Deal Of The Day: “Beauty Bridge” sale items
(Click here:


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What is Motives?

The Motives beauty brand is teaming with talented men and women who are dedicated, hard working consultants. Some are part time or full time makeup artists, but you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy sharing your love of cosmetics with others. Earn an extra or full time income while helping others look amazing and feel more confident. What is Motives really all about? As they say, sometimes a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words!

I like to keep up with the amazingly talented consultants and artists too.
A few of my favorite Motives artists are: Aurora Glez, Hello Fritzie, and
many of the super beautiful Indian artists.

In addition to my usual beauty tip of the day, I will now be adding a
beauty deal of the day as the Motives brand is also a part of SHOP.COM.
There are so many cash back deals available. Gotta share the love!

Beauty Tip Of The Day: Lots of eyeshadow may mean lots of smudges
under the eyes. If this is a consistent problem for you, apply all of your
eye makeup first, then use a facial wipe to clean up under the eyes. Pat
dry, then apply the rest of your makeup.

Beauty Deal Of The Day (Click to get ULTA Beauty Store coupon)



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